The Alien We've Been Looking For

Submitted by Chris Conly on Sun, 02/18/2018 - 15:42

        We humans have a fascination with aliens.  I’m not talking about the immigration concerns that have been in the headlines for the past year or so.  I am talking about Martians, little green men from outer space, extraterrestrials, UFOs and intelligent life from other planets.  In 2015, congress committed $18.5 billion to fund NASA’s search for alien life and a mission to Jupiter’s moon.  I wonder what kind of return they expected on that investment.  That is why we spend money isn’t it?  We expect something in return.  Is an $18.5 billion bill going to be satisfied with a few pictures and possibly a soil sample from Jupiter’s moon?  I don’t think so!  We want to meet E.T.!   And I get it.  We believe that if we can find something out there that we have never experienced, something so totally disconnected from who we are, that we well learn from it and it will better our lives forever.  Guess what, it has happened.  Jesus Christ came to Earth as an alien; a being from another world offering a gift to change all mankind for the better for all eternity.  We did not have to spend billions.  We didn’t have to capture distant radio signals and spend years interpreting their meanings, and we did not have to theorize His purpose for coming.  He came looking like us, speaking our language, eating and sleeping and breathing, just like us.  Was He too much like us for us to accept His gift of life?  Do we need the spaceship and the alien form to believe His message? Jesus brought EXACTLY what we are searching for and we killed Him.  We called Him a liar and hung Him on a cross in an attempt to humiliate Him, hoping that no one would believe or accept what He was offering.  We murdered E.T. 

        In all fairness, not everyone has rejected the beautiful, life giving gift Jesus brought to the world.  Many have accepted His offer and are living a better (blessed) life right now, some here on earth, while others are living with Him in His world.  Why would any of us reject the very thing we say we desire?  The answer is easy.  We are messed up.  We don’t see or think clearly.  We are defected by sin, and that defect makes us choose what we truly do not want, and certainly what we do not need.  If you have a fascination with discovering alien life, I say Bravo!  Your search is over.  Jesus came from another world with a cure for everything sin has corrupted.  Discover Him and let Him take you to His world where everything is so much better than any alien movie could ever dream up.