Prophecy of Blessings

Submitted by Chris Conly on Sun, 03/11/2018 - 14:35

     People are fascinated with prophecy, and we will take it any way we can get it.  Anything from crystal balls to Tarot cards, palm readings, horoscopes, fortune cookies, and of course, psychic hotlines.  This is not just a modern day attraction.  We have searched for help into the unknown ever since there has been an unknown.  The Bible tells about Simon the Sorcerer, Balaam - the prophet for hire, and even king Saul sought the aid of a medium to bring back Samuel.  I get the appeal, knowing the future means power.  I am guessing we all have given a thought or two about what we would do with guaranteed information about the future.  Knowing the future would give us an advantage over others.  We would be a step ahead, have a leg up on the competition, whatever you want to call it.  We believe that if we knew something about the future it would help us.  I agree.  That’s why God has told us everything we need to know about the future so that we can be better off.  Do you know what the Bible calls being “Better off”?  Blessed, when the Bible calls someone blessed it is saying they are better off than not being blessed.  God has told us what is coming so that we can be blessed.  

God tells us the future through prophecy.  Although He has given us many prophecies, some already completed and some still to come, the one at the very end is most important.  The Bible tells us we are all going to die (we might have figured that one out on our own), and then the judgment (that’s the one we needed).  God has told us about this pending judgment coming for all.  Why?  You got it, so we can be blessed, and prepared.  How do we prepare?  I suggest a good lawyer, no, a great lawyer, no, the Best lawyer!  Don’t worry, God has already provided Him for you.  The Bible says when we choose Jesus for our counselor then we will be blessed at our judgment.  The sad thing is, not everyone sees Jesus as their counselor.  They don’t believe He is fighting for them, and they certainly do not believe that His life, death and the way He earned His position as our representative was thoroughly prophesied.  And the prophesies are not yet completed.  They say He’s coming back.  I truly pray we all believe this prophecy, are prepared for it and understand the blessing in it.