Starting Out Perfect

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 03/19/2018 - 03:44

     You have just bought your dream car.  It is the perfect color and has all the features you have always wanted, plus a few more you didn’t know existed.  This baby has everything!  It is comfortable and gets great gas mileage, while being fast and sporty.   Should we even mention how good you look in it?  On top of all that, you got it at a price well below what you expected.  Ahhhh!  The sun is shining, birds are singing and everything is going your way, when all of a sudden, Clug! Clug! Shutter! Shimmy!  Then nothing, your car just quit.  Accidentally, you filled your tank with diesel fuel.  Your new baby has just been damaged.  You want to scream.  You want to cry.  You want somebody to pay, but you know it’s all your fault.  Your once perfect dream car is no longer flawless and you have to bear the burden of fixing it.  

     Too often people view life the same way.  We believe are all born perfect and innocent.  Then, somewhere along the way, we mess up.  We add diesel fuel to our gasoline engine and our life becomes damaged.  Christians know that the “mess up” is sin.  We know that sin is what has damaged our lives.  I couldn’t agree more.  Where we get off track is thinking that we were ever innocent and became damaged.  It is true that the Bible says we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but it is not implying we started sinless and slipped along the way.  We don’t become sinners after we sin.  We sin because we are born sinners.  We began life with diesel feul already in our engines.  Making this distinction is very important.  Because, like in the car analogy, if we believe that we are the cause of our damage, our sin, then we also will believe we are the ones to bear the burden of fixing it.  That is crazy.  That would be more like buying a car with no engine at all and blaming yourself because it did not run.  We cannot fix our inherited sin nature any more than we can change our inherited skin color.  SO STOP TRYING!!  None of us have the power to defeat something that has damaged the entire universe.  Only One has that kind of power; the One that created the universe and everything in it.  If you want your sin damage repaired, you have to be willing to drop yourself off at the Lord’s shop, trust that He is the only solution, then allow Him to take control.