Just an Old Map

Submitted by Chris Conly on Thu, 04/12/2018 - 11:39

You just bought a new house, a fixer-upper.  You have been watching HGTV and now it’s your turn.  Time to go to work!  As you are cleaning out the basement, you see something interesting.  Something is sticking out of a crack in the wall.  Looks like a rolled up piece of leather, or thick paper.  You pull it out, unroll it, and what do you know, it’s a map.  And of course there is a nice big X in the bottom left quarter.  A treasure map!  If this was for real, what would you want the treasure to be?  Before you answer, let me ask another question.  What need are you lacking?  I said NEED, not what WANT are you short on. 

Most of us, when it comes to the thought of finding lost treasure, our mind goes to the bank.  We think of all the things we can purchase.  We might factor in a few needs like repairs, or taking care of some debt, but are those really the biggest needs in our lives?  Dorothy met a few friends as she followed the yellow brick road to her treasure.  These friends had some real needs didn’t they?  A heart, a brain, courage, now those are some things we all need.  If those were the only things your treasure map led to, would you follow it?  Would you study it, search for clues, make all the necessary preparations for the journey?  Reading this blog and not holding a real treasure map, you are probably saying yes, “yes I would follow a map that led to a deeper caring heart, clearer understanding and abundant courage.”  That's easy to say when your heart is not racing and your mind hasn't already checked out of reality. 

God offers us such a map through a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.  Having a personal relationship with Jesus has some similarities with possessing a real treasure map.  Both show the way to something highly treasured, something many desire to obtain.  In order to actually find the treasure, both will require searching, diligent seeking.  In Jesus is found a great treasure.  He promises great riches for those who hunt for Him.  His riches are never worldly, but are always profitable, in this world and beyond.  Sometimes His treasure chest contains coins and jewels, sometimes a heart or courage.  Whatever the bounty, it is a treasure beyond measure, so take the map you’ve been given in the Bible you hold and start (or continue) your quest.