Insurance, Gotta Love it.

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 06:33

It is inventory time.  I want you to make a mental list of all the insurance you have.  I know it is going to hurt a little.  There are so many things we insure.  Ok, I’ll help.  Starting with the basics, we have Home, Health, Auto & Life.  Good start but each one of these have possible branches don’t they?  Renter’s insurance, short & long term disability, motorcycle, boat & burial policies.  Famous people have been known to insure the thing that makes them famous.  Voices, hands, hair and legs have all been insured.  And what about our savings accounts, isn’t that a form of insurance?  We save for unexpected expenses, college tuition and retirement all to insure we have money to pay for these things when they happen.  In fact, all money spent on insurance is money spent today for the possibility of something in the future.  That sounds a lot like gambling.  Crazy thing about paying for insurance is that we don’t want to see a big fat return.  I’ve never seen someone in the hospital, or a person that just lost their home to fire with a big smile on their face because they knew they were going to get back more than they put in.  Just how much of our income goes to insurance?  If you have never thought of it that way, don’t start now.  It might cause depression, but of course your insurance will probably cover it.  Would insurance paying for insurance depression be a form of cannibalism?

It’s not hard to turn insurance into a nasty word.  Every one that has paid an insurance premium has wished they paid less.  But insurance is not a bad thing, being prepared for the future is Biblical.  The Bible also tells us not to worry about the present things of the world, and insurance helps with that, doesn’t it?  Just think if you had no insurance at all.  Eeek!!  Well, my daughter doesn’t have any insurance.  She does not spend one penny on insurance, nor has she ever, and she is twelve years old!  How does she sleep at night?  She sleeps very well and I’ll tell you why.  Because her insurance is wrapped up in her parents.  She doesn’t worry because her father has taken care of it.  The father and mother know what the child needs and supply it, leaving the child to be a child.  God does the same for us.  If we will leave the worry up to Him and be the children we are supposed to be, He will take care of it.  If we need insurance, He will provide.  But if you would rather worry and work for the things of this world, you can smile knowing that your insurance will have to pay.