I Lost My Glasses

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 07:43

I lost my glasses and it’s driving me crazy!  I know when I used them last.  I have a pretty good recollection of those last few moments when they were in my possession, where I was, what I was doing.  I even remember, within a few minutes, the exact time.  I also can recall when I would have needed to be wearing them, and when I would have taken them off.  I just cannot remember the last place I sat them or where they might have fallen out of my shirt pocket.  They have fallen out before and I am aware of the possibility, so I have factored that in too, but I still have not found them.  Where are they?  Will I ever find them?  Do you know how much they cost?  I love those glasses and I need them, but right now I wish I could find them so I could quit thinking about it.  Can we pause a moment while I scream!

Ever been there, lost something that is important and needed?  I know you have, we all have.  We have all been careless with something very important to us, and lost it.  We put it aside, disregard it then when we need it it’s not there.  We immediately realize how much we need it, but it is not within our reach.  We panic a little, or a lot.  We try and remember details and start looking everywhere even in places we know it couldn’t possibly be.  All in hope of being reunited with the thing we have lost.  It is a terrible feeling.  We get mad at ourselves.  “How could I have been so careless?”  “What am I going to do now?”  All kind of thoughts come and go.  Emotions are stirred.  When we find it, a rush of relief comes over us.  We become so thankful and humble in that moment.  We vow to pay better attention, to have a better plan of care.  When we can’t find it eventually we will quit looking.  We began to forget about it.  We think about replacing it, what will it cost, is there really a need.  We move on with a little something missing from our life. 

You are probably thinking about how I am going to tie this scenario to our relationship with Jesus, but I’m not.  Oh I could, there are a number of connections here.  Instead, I am going to leave this one up to you.  Think about what in your life that has been lost, something that is missing.  What was coming to your mind as you read about this episode in my life?  Have you quit searching for what is important and it is time to start seeking again?  You finish this one for me, and if you have seen my glasses, can you bring them back to me, please?