Kids Just Don't Know What's Good for 'em

Submitted by Chris Conly on Sun, 05/06/2018 - 20:20

Kids would be much better off if they would just do what their parents told them.  Do you agree with that statement?  Parents are intensely shaking their heads yes, and kids are saying, I don’t think so”, while laughing hysterically.  Why the big divide? Parents say, “Because children don’t know what’s good for them.”  Kids grumble, “Everything Mom and Dad want me to do is boring or stupid.”  This is nothing new.  The separation of what kids want and what parents want for their children started in the garden.  I’m not talking about where we plant tomatoes and snap peas.  I am talking about THE garden, the Garden of Eden.  God wanted His kids to stay away from the tree in the midst of the garden.  His children wanted to partake of the tree.  Who was right?  I believe we can score one for the parent on this one.

Good parents look ahead for their children.  They are more concerned about their kids’ strength for tomorrow than their happiness today.  A wise parent has experience that can benefit a child.  A loving parent suffers long with their babies when they must discipline or say no.  A caring parent will withhold temptation knowing harsh words, piercing glares and possibly tears may follow. 

Children, on the other hand, want to pack as much fun and excitement into one day as is superhumanly possible.  They have no care of tomorrow, what they will eat, what they will drink or what they will wear (this sounds familiar).  They only want to Go..Go..Go!!  Never looking back and certainly never cleaning up.  Ahhh, the carefree life, that’s what I want!  Children can live carefree lives not because they have nothing to care about, but because they know Mom and Dad will take care of that boring stuff.  They rest in the faith they have in their parents.  In Mark 10:15, Jesus says, “whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”  As children of God, too often we act just like our own kids, like we don’t know what’s good for us.  That is not the sort of little child Jesus is talking about.  We should be as children that live carefree, worry free, stress free lives, not because there is nothing to care about, but because we have complete faith in our Father, because He is more than capable of taking care of that boring stuff.