A Day for Real Moms

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 05/14/2018 - 15:47

Mother’s Day, a day to honor mothers, is that a suggestion or a command?  Do all mothers have to be honored on Mother’s Day, or any other day?  Is being a mother sort of like being the president where just holding the office comes with a certain level of respect?  I cannot answer these questions with the same answer so I must explain.  I am sure you have heard comments like, “Any woman can have a baby, but that doesn’t make her a mom”.  We could debate the definition of mom or mother, but you get the point.  Having a baby comes with responsibilities. That part you get just by holding the office (having the baby).  Most women understand that fact and take on the responsibilities with zeal not even dads fully understand.  These are our moms.  They can do ten things at once, they never forget a ballgame, practice, lesson, friend’s name, favorite food, or one tear shed years ago.  Moms are almost always there, but never far away.  Moms sacrifice more of their own time for their children than they keep for themselves.  A mom will defend the honor of her child no matter the circumstance.  Then, at home, teach the child where he or she went wrong.  I am not saying moms are perfect.  Even moms have their days when they don’t believe they can take on one more responsibility, but we rarely, if ever, hear about it.  Moms seem to have a trust in something that is beyond them; are able to draw from an unseen power source.  Where do these moms get their energy?  Where does their perseverance come from? 

Maybe it comes from those women that have had babies, but never accepted their responsibility.  It is hardly fair to mention these women on Mother’s Day.  This day is not meant for them.  Harsh words, I know, but I would not want to take one drop of sweat, one tear cried by a real mom and hand it over to a female that gave birth but took no charge to become a mom.  Perhaps the energy they have wasted is gobbled up by the ones that need it.  We all know that’s not true.  They are not a source of energy but a robber of it.

These women might not be moms, but they, like us all, are children.  We have all been created by a heavenly Father that defends the non-moms as well as the real moms, and loves them all the same.  I believe Mother’s Day is a day to honor only real moms.  Can we also make it a day we pray for the ones that missed the mark, so maybe they too will find that source of power that is beyond them?