I Love a Great Plan

Submitted by Chris Conly on Sun, 05/27/2018 - 13:24

I enjoy movies that have several pieces that must fit together perfectly to achieve a desired outcome.  Most of these movies begin by letting the audience know the desired outcome and the reason it is desired.  The main character wishes to steal something because…. I need to find this person because…. I need to raise this amount of money because…. There are thousands of movies made with this basic plot.  Some of them are exciting to watch, while others, not so much.  What separates the good ones from the not so good ones is the plan.  Ok, yes, and the acting, but good actors are not going to say yes to a movie with a bad plan in the script.  So it starts with the script.  Does it have a good plan?  Is the final outcome something that is desirable, and is the method being used to obtain it something plausible and also captivating?  I really enjoy The Thomas Crown Affair because it has two plans.  A thief that plans to steal something, and law enforcement that desire to catch the thief.  Both plans are well calculated.  The thief and the officers go to great depths to anticipate the actions and reactions of their opponent.  They both have to anticipate the thoughts and movements of each other if either is going to be successful.  The writer did a wonderful job, keeping the audience alert and eager for the next unexpected move.  The characters are calm and sophisticated like they have no doubts of their success. 

From the beginning of the movie, the audience knows the basic plans.  A thief wants to steal something and law enforcement wants to apprehend the thief.  Sounds boring to me.  The excitement comes by watching the efforts of each party trying to obtain that which is desired.  The activity inside the plan brings the plan to life, but the seemingly “boring” plan cannot be left out.  If the characters never knew what they were trying to achieve, would any of their actions make sense?  Would the moving make sense?  No, it wouldn’t.  It would look like a bunch of random actions that are leading nowhere.

So let me ask you, “Do you have a plan?”  It does not have to be a plan filled with surprises, suspense, action and adventure, but no plan gets you nowhere.  Do you believe God has a plan for you?  Have you asked God to reveal His plan for you?  He has ya know.  His plan for you is His Son, Jesus Christ.  Just saying it, “God’s plan for me is Jesus”, might not sound like a blockbuster movie, but if you will grab hold of His plan and let God write the script inside the plan, He will lead you through a life that one movie could never contain.