Meeting Childlike Needs

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 06/18/2018 - 11:14

Being the kind of father a child needs is not difficult.  It does take work, but you don’t have to be rich.  You do not have to be smart and you do not have to have muscles like the Hulk or reflexes like a ninja.  You only have to be there.  There when he needs you.  There when he does not need you.  There when he wants you.  There when he doesn’t.  The mere presence of a father in a child’s life speaks louder than words ever will. 

Children are very simplistic when it comes to their parental needs.  They need love, security, affection and admiration.  The difficulty comes when we, the adults, start adding a bunch of sub-points to these needs.  We do this because we forget what it was like to be a kid.  We look at the accomplishments of our adult lives, the things we admire, the things that give us security and we try and duplicate them for our children.  We have experienced progression that has taken decades and want our kids to have it immediately.  Take transportation, we go from crawling to walking to running to a bike to a car, to a faster car to an airplane.  Then when our kid wants to play catch with a wadded or taped up piece of paper, that just won’t do.  We need a ball, a mitt, some equipment.  We move from the simple to the complicated.  We shift from the parental need of the child to the activity need of the adult.  Monday I took my daughter to church camp.  Our drive took us back to the small town where we once lived.  We contrasted our lives now in the city to our life in the country.  We had a great time and the jokes were flying out of control.  My daughter is twelve and on the verge of moving past that simplistic childhood stage, but I saw that simple need when she mentioned how she missed the fun of just walking around in the neighborhood.

Understanding the basic needs of our children with the same childlike mind of our kids, will always be a challenge for adults.  We are no longer children.  Our minds have changed, progressions have given us different viewpoints and our roles have changed.  We are just not kids anymore. 

We cannot say that about our Father in heaven.  God became one of us to give us exactly what we need.  He shared the same mind, endured the same temptation and felt the same pain.  He is forever connected to us through His Son Jesus, and as the greatest fatherly example, He is ALWAYS there!!