God is Watching

Submitted by Chris Conly on Tue, 07/17/2018 - 08:54

God is watching you.  Did you ever hear those words from your momma?  If you did, you know they were never meant to bring comfort.  It was a statement meant to bring conviction.  It didn’t matter whether a sinful thought or act took place.  It was a more authoritative way of saying, “Be good, watch out, think about what you are doing and know there are consequences to your actions.”  Is the statement true?  Is God watching us, and if so, should moms be using this statement to strike fear into their children?  Well, yes, it is true.  God is attentive to the activities of man on earth, and yes, a mother should remind her children that God can see their actions and He knows their thoughts.  If that causes a little fear in a child, Hey, that’s just a bonus!  But we all know that there is more to it than that, don’t we?

God is aware of every thought and every action of every man on earth.  This is true for believers and unbelievers alike.  For now, I am going to concentrate on believers because of space.  Knowing that God is “watching us” should be a good thing, even if mom says it in a not so good way.  The Bible calls God our Father.  It says we have been adopted into His family and have become co-heirs with Christ His Son.  What child doesn’t want his father watching him or her all the time?  If you are a parent you are all too familiar with the phrase, “Daddy watch this, or mommy look.”  Children beg for their parents’ attention in numerous ways.  They all want to be seen, heard, watched over and loved.  Although children will never admit it, they also want to be corrected, disciplined and taught right from wrong, even if punishment is involved.  So why is it when we think about God watching over us it is usually thought of as only judgmental, ready to inflict pain at the slightest slip up?  The Bible also tells us that God is for us, that He has plans for us, and wants us to experience life abundantly.  Does that sound like a Father that only watches for mistakes, or finds enjoyment in chastening?  So moms, keep telling your children that God is watching them.  When you do, be sure to tell them also how much He is for them, how He is delighted when they make good decisions.  Tell them of the love He has for them and proved that love by sending His only Son to take the punishment we all deserve.  And moms, be sure that when you tell this to your kids you are listening to yourself because you too are a child of God.