Seeing the Inside

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 07/23/2018 - 08:02

“Well, open ‘er up and see what’s inside.”  Where might you hear these words?  At a birthday party or anytime a gift is given, would be a reasonable guess.  What about from some young explorers looking for an excuse to use a new Swiss Army Knife, or a biologist trying to find an explanation to the sudden deaths of a particular species.  Even doctors often need to look inside a body to determine the cause of pain, and in extreme cases, the cause of death.   Digging down deep, getting to the root cause, uncovering the truth, these are all common sayings expressing the same idea of, opening ‘er up and seeing what’s inside.  We sure do have a lot of ways to say the same thing, and there’s more where that came from.  The reason we have so many ways to express the same meaning is because the thing we really need to see or understand is not on the surface. We look at what is presented what we can see, touch or hear and we know there is something missing. We know there is more to the story, but exposing what is hidden can be complicated. 

We have all been there, “What’s wrong honey?” and the response?  “Nothing!”  Oh, so you always slam the door, clench your lips and throw your purse when nothing is wrong.  It is obvious something is wrong.  It is just covered up at the moment.  It is on the inside, and many times a kind voice, a sympathetic ear and a foot rub will open ‘er up.  That is not always the case.  Sometimes the thing needing to be exposed is buried inside and will never surface, but just because something is out of sight, doesn’t mean it is out of mind.  Unforgiveness, regret, pain, anger, these things can cause real damage if left buried.  Jesus says, “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed” and He says this as a good thing, something that is necessary. 

The most damaging thing we hide is sin.  Sin is ugly.  Sin is mean.  Sin is embarrassing.  We do not want others to see it, so we hide it and let it do its damage.  Every doctor knows that if the problem on the inside is not treated, the damage will be revealed on the outside.  Sin is no different, in fact, it is worse.  We knowingly conceal sin, but there is also unknown sin within us.  Did you realize that?  It is hard enough to open ourselves up and expose known sin, but unknown sin, how do we uncover that?  Jesus’s words I mentioned earlier come on the heels of a parable about sowing the Word of God.  God’s Word is an amazing tool.  When used correctly, it finds sin, known and unknown.  It exposes sin.  It is the only treatment for sin, and it is the only way to eliminate sin.  Therefore, it is the only way we can be completely healed.  Sin is a powerful, damaging force, but it is no match for the healing power of God’s Word.  Have you taken in your medicine today?