Hold Please

Submitted by Chris Conly on Tue, 07/31/2018 - 08:40

“Your call is very important to us.  Please wait on the line for the next available representative.”  If my call is so important, why isn’t there someone to answer my call when I call?  I’m sure none of you have ever been frustrated for being put on hold for an extended period.  It is probably just me.  Why are we irritated when we have to wait, and should we be irritated when we have to wait?  Can waiting be a good thing or is it always a waste of precious time?  It depends doesn’t it?  Most people would say, “5 minutes is nothing, I could wait five minutes for anything.”  My response, “Ok, start holding your breath, I’ll tell you when 5 minutes is up.”  Now 5 minutes has become a matter of life and death. 

How much time we are willing to spend, or wait on something is always relative to the something.  Think of time as money and ask yourself, “Is spending this much time on [blank] worth it?”  Don’t factor in frustration, only ask the question.  How much time on hold am I willing to spend right now in order to receive what I need?  Well, is what you are waiting for important?  Can you obtain it by another means, or at another time or another day?  If importance is high, willingness to wait rises.  When importance or value is low, what we are willing to pay is low also.  What are the important things in your life?  The things you are willing to spend great amounts on?

When Jesus was ask about the most important commandment, do you remember His response?  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.  Another way of saying this could be, “The Lord your God should be the most important person in your life.”  Well, is He?  If you just said yes, awesome!  How much are you spending on Him?  Is the time you spend on God reflective of how you just answered that question?  What about frustration, do we ever get frustrated when God puts us on hold?   (your prayer is very important to me, please hold) God uses all kinds of methods to shape our likeness to Christ, and making us wait seems to be one of His favorites.  As Christians, we are commanded to Wait upon the Lord.  Our life on earth is one long, “Hold please”.  We have been made for a better place, a better life, something worth waiting for.  So before we allow a 5 minute delay to frustrate us, remember what is important, and remember that this 5 minute life we spend here waiting is nothing in comparison to the eternal minutes we have waiting for us in heaven.