The Power of Love

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 07:46

It is Friday night and there is a party going on!  Phyllis and her sisters, Annette and Cathy, have gathered for one of their “All Nighters”.  Along with the sisters, come four additional children.  Of the nine that are in our apartment tonight, seven will probably see the sunrise.  Cheyenne and I will give way to sleep well before that hour.  There will be food and games, stories and laughter, but what is it really that keeps these ladies going all night?  They haven’t had any preparation, no sleeping in late this morning and no afternoon naps.  Instead, they have all worked and taken care of their families all week.  Now I cannot speak for the sisters, but if they were not here Phyllis would probably be in bed and I would be hearing about how tired she is for at least the fifth time.  So where does the extra energy come from?  It comes from love.  They love hanging out together.  They love sharing their lives and bragging on their families.  They love talking about the past and sharing dreams of the future.  They even love hearing the kids laugh at these things they love.  They love each other.  The accommodations here are not the best.  If they were to sleep, a recliner and the floor would be a bed for two or three, but that doesn’t steal the joy or slow the party train.  It keeps on chuggin towards the morning.  When morning does get here, the ones still awake will gather to look at the sun peaking over the horizon.  Then the dawn will hit like the train they have been riding.  Their eyes will be heavy and they will be craving their beds.  They will not, however, be disappointed.

Is love really that powerful, to keep three ladies, no longer in their twenties or thirties (I better stop there), full of energy all night?  Oh my friend, its power reaches far beyond the sister’s all night party train.  Love has healed marriages, reunited broken families, shattered addictions, and turned enemies into allies.  Love has done and continues to do miraculous things, unexplainable things.  In his letter to the Ephesians, the apostle Paul tells of his desire for them to know and understand the power of God’s love, “what is the width and length and depth and height— to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge;” 

I am not sure if I fully understand how love can give us physical energy to stay up all night, but I don’t care.  I do not have to understand love to the fullest to know its power and presence.  Love has changed my life forever and I am certain of its power.  I am also certain of its presence.  Right now it is in the front room.  I think I will go join in.