God, Are You Lonely?

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 07:50

We all know what it is like to feel lonely, but do we know what it takes to be defined as lonely?  What is necessary to qualify as lonely?  Forsaken, rejected, unloved and unwanted are just a few of the synonyms the online dictionary gives for lonely.  So let me ask you, “Does God get lonely?”  If that is all it takes, then God must be very lonely.  He is forsaken, rejected, unloved and unwanted much more than He is wanted, accepted and loved.  But God understands rejection.  He can handle it, can’t He?  Satan rejected God way back in the beginning. He, and many of his fellow angels, were expelled from heaven for this rejection.  Did that make God lonely?  Another definition given is; without companions.  The Bible tells us there is no one nor anything like God.  Nothing can match His wisdom, His power or His knowledge.  He is infinite in regards to time and space.  He cannot be contained or completely explained.  He is set apart, too worthy to be compared.  How could He have a companion?  With whom could He talk, share things in common or confide in?  He has no equal!  I have heard it said,  “It is lonely at the top.”  Does God’s majesty cause Him loneliness?

No, it doesn’t.  Being forsaken, unloved and rejected; having unlimited power and knowledge; knowing no equal to call a companion; none of these things, or anything else makes God feel lonely.  Although God is set apart He is never alone, but that is not what keeps Him from being lonely.  God is the cure for loneliness.  In Himself, God is full.  He is complete.  There is nothing He lacks. 

Loneliness is an emotion and if we said God gets lonely we would be saying that He can be led by emotions.  That is called humanizing.  God is not human.  He is Spirit, and when we bring Him down to our emotional level we rob Him of His majesty.  The result of humanizing God is loneliness, not for Him but for us.   When we experience loneliness, it is always the result of emptiness.  There is something or someone we long for but do not have.  The Bible tells us that God wants to fill all our emptiness.  He will never leave or forsake us.  He is our provider and protector, our comforter and teacher.  He will never judge us on appearance, physical ability or social status.  When we make God our equal, it kills our ability to believe He can heal us.  God cares for us and loves us beyond our comprehension, but this is not what He feels it is who He is.  His desire for us to know Him is His cry to eliminate loneliness for the whole world.