Rainy Days

Submitted by Chris Conly on Sun, 10/14/2018 - 15:05

Are you a rainy day person?  Got your answer locked in?  If you are still deciding, please make up your mind before proceeding….. Yaaawwwn…. Ok, we ready?  Next question;  Do you like rainy days?  No, it’s not the same question.  We have all enjoyed a rainy day.  One of those days when you had plans of doing a list of exhausting outdoor chores only to wake up to the sounds of raindrops.  We all know that sound.  All homes have that certain sound that alerts the family inside that it is raining.  You wake up, hear that sound and know you cannot get to work.  But instead of getting mad or frustrated, you give in.  You might check the forecast to see if the afternoon is going to release some suitable weather, but you have already surrendered.  Change of plans.  It is going to be an inside day.  You may decide to forgo anything resembling work and enjoy this so called, “free time”.  You have visions of a nap or two, eating something you have denied yourself for too long.  You might get started on or finish that book.  Maybe it’s a movie marathon day.  Whatever it is, you know you are going to be inside, you ain’t goin nowhere and it feels good!  That is a person enjoying a rainy day. 

A person that likes rainy days wakes up, hears that special sound and a little smile wells up inside them.  Their plans may need some adjustment, but there is no forced submission.  They would rather see the rain falling and hear the accompanying sounds rather than having beaming rays of sunshine glaring down on them.  There is something about the mood of a rainy day that soothes people that like rainy days. 

Whether (pardon the pun) someone prefers rain or sunshine, we need both.  All sun and no rain, things die.  All rain and no sun, things die.  The sun and the rain work together to sustain life.  Two life giving components, appearing to work in opposition, are totally dependent on the other to accomplish each one’s purpose.  Are humans any different?  Absolutely not in a biological application; male and female (appearing to work in opposition) need one another to sustain life.  Psychologically, we need others as well.  Why do you think solitary confinement is such a dreaded punishment?  Lack of human contact can do sever damage to our psyche.  Where we humans differ is in our spiritual need.  We only need the Son, and the more we soak in the better off we are.  The Son brings us life and sustains our lives.  He even knows our physical needs and provides.  He is an eternal source of life and is always willing to give to those in need.  So when the weather or people seem to be in opposition to your needs, turn to the Son and allow Him to explain why they are essential for your life.