Appreciation Days

Submitted by Chris Conly on Tue, 10/23/2018 - 18:46

October is pastor appreciation month, and to be specific, the second Sunday of October is appreciation day.  I want to say thank you to my wonderful congregation for showing their appreciation to their pastor, that would be me, last Sunday.  They cooked a full breakfast, brought donuts, and gave me cards and gifts.  It caught me by surprise and I enjoyed it very much.  I love a big breakfast.  The breakfast did take the place of Sunday school class.  Was that an added motivation?  Hmmmm?  Just kidding, we all love to share our lives and God’s Word during Sunday school.  I am grateful for and love the people of Golden Meadows Baptist.  The topic for this blog, however, is appreciation, not only the breakfast last week.

There is a side of me that is not too fond of filling every day on the calendar with some sort of celebration.  That side believes it is more about the marketing and the retail business it drives instead of the people the day might celebrate.  Do we really need a preset calendar to tell us what day of the year to show appreciation or buy a taco?  October 4th, National Taco Day.  Did you eat your taco on the 4th?  Other days in Oct on the National Calendar, Hair Day, Fire Pup Day, Boyfriend Day, Name Your Car Day, Fried Scallops Day, and of course we can’t leave out Vodka Day.  I guess it’s not easy coming up with 365 reasons to celebrate.  There are some odd ones on the calendar, but our topic is appreciation.  Days like Mother & Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Teacher’s Day and the like are appreciation days.  We shouldn’t have to be reminded to show appreciation to those that have greatly impacted our lives.

I understand the point this side of me is trying to make.  I should, it is me making the point, but there is another me that sees from a different view.  What is wrong with a reminder to do what we already should be doing?  News flash!  We are sinful humans.  We do not always do what we should be doing.  And what should we be doing?  Come on, you know.  That’s right.  Loving God with all our heart, mind & soul, and loving our neighbor as we love ourself.  How are you guys doing with that 365 days of the year?  Your average is probably better than mine.  I need a reminder.  My advice is to have a reminder that you do not hang on the wall and flip the page at the beginning of each month only to throw away at the end of the year.  Instead, go to the reminder that is never thrown out, never reminds of things that will come back void.  God’s Word is ready to fill all 365 days, year after year, with healthy reminders of appreciation, love and thanksgivings.  His Word will put people in your heart and mind to acknowledge.  He lets us know what to celebrate each new day.  But don’t throw away your calendar because you cannot miss National Fluffernutter Day.  Yes, it’s on there.