2018 Fall Festival

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 10/29/2018 - 08:10

Saturday, Golden Meadows hosted our 2018 Fall Festival.  God brought us beautiful weather and there was excitement in the air.  We had games and food and vehicles displaying some very creative minds.  We also were blessed to have Super Sam make an extended appearance.  We were ready to meet new people and welcome them to our church.  Everything was in place and it was time for the people, but there was no traffic jam waiting to get in.  Where were the people?  We had prayed for the event and spread the word, why wasn’t there any visitors yet?  Tic Toc, Tic Toc, still no kids hopping out of cars, no little monsters or princesses walking the parking lot.  Were we going to have anyone brave our festival?  We were 30 minutes past our advertised starting time and we had not giving away any candy, or played any games, not counting the volunteers of course. 

Wait a minute.  Why not count the volunteers?  We had as many or more volunteers ready to serve visitors as we did church members.  That is not a negative statement toward our church.  As we know, it doesn’t take many to match the number in our church.  I think the volunteer turn out, members and non-members, was great.  As I looked about the parking lot at this time, 30 or more minutes past starting time, I did not see discouragement.  I saw a Fall Festival going on.  I saw people visiting with people they don’t see often, or ever.  I saw Mathew and Jocelynn inventing new games.  I saw Phyllis and other volunteers down by the road waving to people in passing cars.  Rehab was dancing and practicing for her cake walk.  A festival was taking place.

Then a car pulled in, a mother and her two children!  They were greeted and welcomed.  Then they were off to explore what our festival had to offer.  Then another car and another, God was bringing the people.  Our guests heard about how Jesus made his disciples, “Fishers of men.”  They got to knock down the stones in the walls of Jerico.  They saw the Cave at En Gedi where David and his men hid from king Saul.  All while their bags, hearts and bellies were being filled with some sweet treats.  Some of our visitors came and went quickly while others stayed awhile.  Either way, we were thankful they came.

The number of people that visited our festival might not have been what we were hoping for, but our service was full.  Our guests all received individual attention and love.  I do not know if we will see any of them again, I pray we do.  I do know that we took the opportunity God gave us and served them in the moment.