Making Every Day Friday

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 11/05/2018 - 17:17

I am writing this on Friday, the end of the work week for many.  Friday is a distinctive day even if you are not on a Monday through Friday work schedule.  There is just something about Friday that sets the day apart.  It could be that Saturday is so special that its eve is held in high regard.  Naw,  that’s too complicated.  Let’s don’t go messin up Friday by thinking too much.  Fridays are just cool, and there is a chain of successful restaurants to prove it.  We all love our Fridays. 

Let me share why I believe Friday brings us a particular stirring not found on any other day.  It is a simple answer, anticipation.  It has to be the anticipation.  We still get up early and prepare for school, or work, or whatever just like Monday through Thursday.  In that regard, it is no different than the first or middle of the week.  But the anticipation that Friday brings gets us out of bed easier.  It seems to take some of the labor out of the morning routine.  If the anticipation of Friday is powerful enough to change our mood only because of where it falls on the calendar, what is it we are anticipating?  This also is an easy answer.  We are looking forward to a day or two off from our weekday routine.  This break from the routine might include a special activity, or maybe a visit with a friend or relative.  That day after Friday is our day, a free day to do with what we please.  Maybe we will choose not to plan anything.  Our anticipation could be total relaxation.  Ahhhh!  That’s nice.  Whatever we are anticipating on the day after Friday is set by us, and we are in control.  We like that don’t we?

Now I am going to get a little personal.  Do we always utilize our freedom in the best way possible?  We all know the feeling of a wasted Saturday because we did not prepare.  It was our choice and we blew it, but what’s funny is that we never blame Friday.  We don’t get mad at the joyful anticipation we enjoyed on Friday.  Friday is still held in high esteem.

There is another anticipation we should all be filled with, the return of Jesus Christ.  His return will be the most awesome day ever, awesomely great or awesomely destructive.  Which awesome we experience depends on how we spent our Friday.  It is our choice.  Are we preparing for what is to come?  The day Christ returns will be awesome, but the day before will be a day like any other day.  We know the anticipation is higher the day before a day off when we have planned and prepared for our day off.   If we are preparing for His coming then every day before His return feels like Friday.  A day filled with joyous anticipation.  If we have done no preparation, say hello to a life of Mondays and a fearful anticipation.  Jesus is coming back, believe it or not, prepared or not.  Prepare for His coming and enjoy the wonderful anticipation it brings.