A Set Apart Defense

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 11/12/2018 - 08:02

 Today is November 11th, Veterans Day.  Veterans Day is on this day because on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month of 1918, the Allies and Germany put into effect an armistice to end the fighting of WWI.  The day was originally named Armistice Day and was set aside to honor World War I veterans.  Since World War I did not turn out to be the war to end all wars and America became entangled in WWII followed by the Korean War, Congress amended the holiday and replaced the word armistice with veterans.  Now veterans from all wars are to be honored on this day.  I am glad we made the change.  If we had a national holiday to honor the veterans from each war, we would have a lot of Veterans Days and they would lose their impact.  I believe our country does well recognizing our military veterans as well as those currently serving.  Our military men and woman willingly take on a duty that not all of us are willing to accept, and that should be applauded.  We hold parades, we carve out time in services, and we go out of our way to personally thank individuals in uniform as a way of saying thank you for their service. 

I am just not so sure we, as one country, collectively know the reason for what we are thanking these brave men and women.  Our military has one purpose, to defend and protect OUR country.  Why would we or any other country need defending?  It is because countries are different, we are set aside.  The United States became a country because we wanted to be different.  We wanted to live a lifestyle and hold a worldview that was different from that which was ruling us.  We believed in this way of life so much so that we fought a war over it and won our freedom.  Thank you Freedom Fighters and Patriots.  We became an independent, set apart, country because of values, our laws, our form of CITIZEN lead government, and our desire to worship the God of the Bible without government interference.  That is what our military defends.  Military defense is not for people inside a border but for ideals.  The United States military is to defend the ideals of the CITIZENS of the United States.  If we the citizens fail to have shared ideals, if our morals do not stem from the same source, if we differ in our beliefs on what sets us apart, our military will no longer know what they are defending.  We will cease to be set apart.

Our founding fathers drafted the greatest constitution in the world, and our veterans and current service men and women make up the greatest military in the world.  I think this Veterans Day we the people should honor them by uniting as a set apart country, one nation under God, and let these fine men and women be certain of what they are defending.