The Light Is Good

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 08:23

Last night when Phyllis and I came home I noticed an odd lean with one of the cars parked in front.  My first thought was a flat.  Even though the odd angle seemed to be more than what would be caused by a flat tire, I still thought, “There must be a flat on the opposite front.”  We soon discovered a flat was involved but was not causing the lean.  The car was being lifted with a car jack, the tire and wheel were removed, and a young man was working on it with his wife helping with lighting duty.  They told us they were replacing a flat tire, but while it was off they were tending to other maintenance.  The young man had the top half of his body under the car and was coaching his wife on where to shine the light.  I noticed the small flashlight being used and knew they needed more light.  I have been in that same spot more times than I can remember and more light is always welcomed.  I said to him, “Oh, you need some more light.”  He said they were fine, but I was already on my way to get him more light.  I returned with a shop light and plenty of extension cord.  The energetic “Thank you” and seeing how the light lit up the underside of the car, told me he greatly appreciated the added light.  It wasn’t long before he finished the job and was returning the shop light.

While the young man worked on his car, I warmed up some left over spaghetti and wondered what I might write in this blog.  I prayed and wondered, prayed and wondered.  Many thoughts passed through my mind as I scanned my recent activities.  Then the light came on, “The light, write about the Light!”  There are many Biblical references and comparisons with Jesus and light.  Jesus even called Himself the Light of world.  The book of Revelation takes it to a whole new level when John says that one day there will be no need of the sun because Jesus will provide us with eternal light.  No working on cars in the dark when that day comes.  The lesson here is simple but profound.  The man needed more light.  Doesn’t that describe all of us?  Some need the Light to see for the first time.  Others have been shown the light but chose to use only a small light to try and accomplish the work.  We can all use more light.  I was able to bring this man more light.  He could have said, “I don’t want it.  I have all the light I need.”  But he didn’t.  He accepted the light, and although I am not certain, I am willing to say that it made his work much easier.  I am certain it allowed him to see more clearly the work that was before him.