Grocery Store Blessings

Submitted by Chris Conly on Tue, 12/11/2018 - 06:31

This morning could not have been any better.  After dropping Olivia off at school and battling the mini vans, SUVs, and other assorted vehicles, I made my way to the grocery store.  What a delight seeing all the fruits and vegetables, the advertisements enticing me to purchase items I do not need, and the empty space where the one item I was craving should be sitting.  At least the basket I picked only pulled to one side and didn’t make clunking or screeching noises.  It was also a blessing to be able to go in the morning when the shoppers are few and my available minutes are fewer.  On this particular morning I enjoyed another bonus, the weather, cold and misty, always my first choice for shopping.  Are you picking up on the sarcasm? 

Going to the grocery store is one of those chores I wish would go away.  I am not a “live to eat” person.  I rarely think about or plan a meal until it is time to eat.  I would rather use the time spent on the whole eating process, shopping, cooking, eating and cleaning, for something else.  I empathize with the woman at the well.  Jesus offers her His living water.  He tells her, “Whoever drinks of the water I shall give him will never thirst.”  Her reply, “Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw.”  She was tired of coming to the well day after day.  Thirsting no longer sounded pretty good to her.  We all know what Jesus was offering her was not two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.  He was offering her Himself.  He was offering her eternal freedom from all her burdens.  If you are not familiar with her story, please read about her in John chapter 4.  Jesus continues speaking with her and she comes to believe He is the promised Messiah.  Upon her belief, the Living water she accepts begins working.  It wells up in her, as Jesus promised, until she has to go tell the people in the city and many believe in Him because of her testimony. 

I also have drunk of the Living Water and although I tease about my shopping burden I am very aware of all blessings and lifted burdens I have been given.  I get to take my daughter to school every day.  Some of our closes moments happen on that drive.  When I go to the store I am able to pay for my groceries.  Yes, it was cold and misty today, but walking to my van is much shorter than walking home.  I have a home to come to and put away my groceries.  As I shop, I see certain items that remind me of my wife and daughter, and I picture the smile on their faces as I put the goodies in the basket.  There will always be an element of burden to our toils on earth.  Men, we can thank Adam for that one.  But if you have tasted the sweetness of Christ, the Living Water, I am confident you can find more than enough blessings to outweigh any burden this world can throw at you.