I'm Hungry

Submitted by Chris Conly on Sun, 01/27/2019 - 14:49

I’m hungry.  Well join the crowd, brother.  We are all hungry, aren’t we?  We all have a strong desire or craving for something.  Now I know that when you read those first two words, “I’m hungry”, you thought food.  Your stomach may have even given you that little pang it uses to let us know it is ready for a refill.  Do we ever use the word hungry to describe a craving other than food?  We know it is a perfectly good word to use to describe our desire to obtain something, but we rarely use it outside our desire for food.  I think hunger is a great word and we should use it for more than just food association. 

I want to look at three hungers, their similarities and difference.  One and two are the hunger we have for food only in a much different relationship.  The first one we all know on a daily basis.  The one we have been talking about already.  The hunger we feel when it is time to eat.  Number two is the desire for food, but from someone who has not eaten for days.  Both are a desire for food but they are nowhere near the same hunger.  I saw a movie recently where a man that had not eaten for a while caught a fish and began satisfying his hunger right then, from the water to the mouth, no stopping off at the fire or broiler.  Ever been that hungry?  We use the same word to describe our desire to consume food and our usage is correct.  What makes them different is the level of our desire.  Where we mess up on word usage is when we say, “I’m starvin” when we are not ready to eat a fish right out of the river.  Given enough time we may get there, but eating only a banana for breakfast then having a hunger around 11:00am is hungry, not starving. 

The third usage is our hunger for everything else, the desires of life.  What is it we hunger for most in life, and if we go long enough without it do we become starved?  I have heard of couples being apart and one or both experiencing physical illness until they are reunited.  Is that a hunger moved to starving?  What about a longing for someone that is not a spouse, loved one, or dear friend?  Does the term, crime of passion, come to mind?  Most crimes are committed because of misunderstood hunger.  No, misunderstood hunger is not a fourth hunger to discuss.  Not only are there different types of hunger and varying degrees of hunger, there is also good and bad, healthy and unhealthy hunger.  This aspect of hunger is shown when we move to satisfy our hunger and will be discussed in next week’s A Pastor’s Message.  Please join us.