Satisfying a Hunger

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 02/04/2019 - 06:54

This week I am supposed to be talking about satisfying our hunger.  So how do we do it, satisfy our hunger?  There you go again, thinking about food.  It is time to set the food aside. Jesus said in His famous Sermon on the Mount,  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness” (Matt 5:6).  By that definition, are you blessed?  Do you hunger for righteousness, and if you do, what level is your desire?  Is it at the same level as a hunger that will eat a fish right out of the river? 

When we are hungry for food we usually satisfy that hunger quickly.  We eat and then we are no longer hungry, but in a few hours we are hungry again.  Therefore, I think it is safe to say that we never really satisfy our hunger for food, because as long as we are alive we have to keep feeding our hunger.  Some people really enjoy the endless attempts to satisfy their hunger.  They expend much time and energy to bring a temporary satisfaction to their daily hunger.  Others spend little to no time on this effort and would prefer it go away all together.  I belong to the second camp.  Maybe you fall somewhere in between.  How we attempt to satisfy our food hunger or the level of enjoyment we receive from it is not important, only that we keep at it. 

Getting back to Jesus’s words, how do we satisfy a hunger or thirst for righteousness?  Like a food hunger, a hunger for righteousness is never truly satisfied.  Also like a food hunger, we cannot live without a hunger to satisfy righteousness.  At least not the kind of life described in the Bible; an everlasting life, a life found only in the Righteous One, Jesus Christ.  A person that knows Jesus as his Lord and Savior has been sealed with the guarantee of the Holy Spirit.  God’s Holy Spirit lives inside that person.  It is the Holy Spirit that creates the hunger for righteousness in us.  Just like food gives our natural bodies nutrition and energy, righteousness is what feeds the Spirit.  When we try to feed His Righteous Spirit junk food, sin, we weaken His power in our lives.  Think about it.  If you find yourself without a hunger for all things righteous, without a craving for the things of God, it is because the Spirit that is in you is weak for lack of nutrition, or He is absent altogether.  We must feed and care for His Spirit daily, desiring His growth in our lives.  There will be satisfaction as He is fed and it will feel good.  Then like a stomach that has digested a meal and grumbles for more, the Spirit also will reignite our craving.  And don’t worry about over indulgence, His Spirit can feed day and night and grow in remarkable ways, while never gaining a pound.