Traffic Lights

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 02/18/2019 - 06:23

Will this light ever turn green!!  How do the traffic lights know when I am running late?  They must know, right?  Every time I am running late the lights are always red.  It is true.  Traffic lights slow us down.  When we are behind the lights are against us, always holding us back.  When time is not a concern, they are hardly noticed.   

Although traffic lights slow down the flow of traffic, that is not their purpose.  The job of a traffic light is to manage the flow of traffic.  This is not an easy task.  Have you ever seen a police officer managing traffic at a busy intersection?  They are working their tails off.  But traffic lights just hang there and change colors, doing about as much work as a grave yard security guard.  How do traffic lights know when to change from red to green?  They are programed, of course.  Someone has to study the intersection; how many cars are going this way and that way.  Is volume like this all day or is it heavy this way in the morning then heavy that way in the afternoon?  How many cars need to turn left, how many right?  All of these factors and many more, have to be studied.  Then the results are programed into the light controller.  If the observation of the intersection was analyzed correctly and programmed correctly, the result will be an intersection that will not have and uneven flow of cars.  In other words, vehicles won’t be piling up on one side while the other has none.  Have you ever experienced an intersection where the programming was off?  It is a mess.  Traffic lights might seem like a pain at times, but they are necessary.  I cannot image morning traffic with no lights at all.

What about our lives?  Do we have traffic lights in place for the intersections in our lives?  Do you have mechanisms set up that are programed to help avoid a mess?  We all know the importance of slowing down and weighing the options before making a choice.  Traffic lights make us do that.  The Bible should be one traffic light for us, and no, it is not always red.  God has endless wisdom that allows us to continue without an accident.  Friends and family also can help manage the flow of important decisions.  A friend hangs there like a light, not influenced by the emotions of our intersections.  When they give us a red light, it is because they can see the inevitable mess of moving forward.  If I never stopped at my wife’s red light before a major decision for our family, I promise, there would be a pile up.  There are many intersections in life and without proper management a crash is inevitable.  Install some traffic lights in your life.  Yes, they will temporarily slow your progress, but wouldn’t you rather reach your destination in one piece instead of shattered into many?