Pushing Through the Requirements

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 11:55

A prerequisite is something that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.  I became most familiar with prerequisites during my college years.  Prerequisites always got in the way of me having that perfect schedule.  I would look at the classes needed on my degree plan then look at the schedule of classes.  I had the need and what was offered to meet the need.  Now just match them up.  Piece of cake, so I thought.  More than once I missed a prerequisite.  Thankfully, the registrar’s office did not.  I would make some adjustments, mess up the dream schedule, and complete my registration.

We all understand the concept of a prerequisite. We see it in clichés like, “You gotta learn to walk before you can run,” and before that, “You must crawl before you can walk.”  Yes, many things in life require some level of achievement before the next stage can begin.  Sometimes the guidelines for advancement are specifically defined.  You MUST complete or pass this before you can start on that.  You cannot take Algebra II without passing Algebra I.  With classrooms, certificates, and licenses we know the rules, no this without that.  Unfortunately, we live the vast majority of our lives outside classrooms and testing centers.  I say it is unfortunate because when we leave the confines of the ordered testing center, we also often leave behind the understanding of prerequisites.  Without the written rule we believe the reward can come without the work.  Most rewards demand time.  A marriage that is admired by others and cherished by the husband and wife is established through time.  Well mannered, obedient, and respectable children are not a result of chance.  Why is it that when we want a driver’s license we all know we have to reach a certain age and also pass a test, but have a hard time understanding why we do not get every promotion that opens up.

Achieving a desired outcome will always require a prerequisite, and the greater the final destination, the longer the prerequisite.  Time does not guarantee maturity, or wisdom, or wealth, good kids, or healthy marriages.  Time alone only achieves age, but all prerequisites require time.  Desired outcomes are not guaranteed with time, but cannot be accomplished without it.  Time is a prerequisite for achievement, but time alone has no demands.  Time is a funny thing.  We all fight against it while never wanting it to go away.  What if time could go away and we could still achieve our dream?  We can you know.  It is called freedom, freedom from everything that burdens us, striving, prerequisites, and even time.  That’s not even the best part.  The prerequisite for this freedom has already been met, for everyone.  Jesus did everything that needs to be done for you and me to live forever without ever having to meet a prerequisite again.