A Father - Son Bond

Submitted by Chris Conly on Wed, 03/27/2019 - 09:16

Being a Dad comes with a lot of responsibilities.  Who cares?  Being a Dad is great.  How else can a man elevate to Superhero status faster than becoming a dad?  Did you know that how a child views the world and what he believes about God, begins with Dad?  Moms, I am not discounting your role in your children’s lives.  Together, parents establish the trajectory for the lives of their children.  But the influence each parent injects is not the same.  What a child needs from a father is different from what is needed of a mother.  Parents are meant to be baby making, child rearing, God teaching, teammates that produce kingdom offspring.  Back to dads; Dads are fun.  Fathers are strict.  Sons hang out with their dads.  Kids tolerate their fathers.  I know it is all the same, but the words “Dad” and “Father” just role of the tongue differently.  It is like when your mother uses your full name to call you into the house instead of only your first.  You know something is not right. 

The same can be said when it comes to the title used for those little offspring.  Calling your male child “son” is different than saying, “That’s my boy.”  Being a dad, or a father is great, but what about being a son?  I have heard it said that the best boat ownership is when your best friend owns one.  A best friend gets all the perks of having a boat while not having to deal with the burdens.  That is kind of what it is like to be a son.  A son is allowed to enjoy the fruits of his father’s labor, without monetary or physical cost.  Oh sure, there are boundaries with this free usage, but even if those boundaries are exceeded, sonship is not lost.  A son remains a son in the good times and the bad.  Boundaries are set by the father for the protection of the son, not as conditions to remain a son.  There is no boundary that can sever the love of a father from his son.  God created a bond between a father and son that is hard to describe, impossible to see, but is as real and strong as can be. 

Whether a boy is called son by birth right or by adoption, the bond that connects him with his father is love.  We have all experienced the power of love.  We have all seen love do things that the world does not understand.  To love is the only commandment God has really ever given us.  So sons,, fathers,, mothers,, daughters,, please, always remember, no matter what your parent child relationship experience has brought you, there is a heavenly Father that was willing to sever the love bond with His only son, if only for a brief moment, so that He could extend the benefits of being His child to every one of us.  God wants to call all of us His children, because He loves us.