Sleep, What a Blessing.

Submitted by Chris Conly on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 10:48

It has been a long day filled with errands, work and other various activities.  You have accomplished everything on your long “To Do” list.  A warm delicious dinner is waiting for you, and it is not too late in the evening for you to still enjoy your favorite TV show.  Not only does this sound like a great evening, but you have nothing on the schedule for tomorrow morning.  What a perfect setting and situation for ­­­_______ (can you fill in the blank?)  A good night’s sleep.  You can almost feel it right now, can’t you?  We all love a good night’s sleep.  We look forward to it when evening is closing in.  We brag about it when we awake refreshed and energetic.  Ahhhh, the joys of sound sleep, what a blessing.

Why is an undisturbed, worry free, night of sleep so treasured?  Why do we even sleep at all?  Do we really need it?  They say our brains never sleep, so do we really need to lie down, close our eyes and enter into that state of being we call sleep?  According to the articles I have read, science has not found a definite reason for why we sleep.  Oh sure, there are statistics on what is more prone to happen or not happen with or without sleep, but the stats do not tell us why we sleep.  I am going to do science a favor and give the reason why we sleep.  If you do not believe my answer just go to your local preschool and ask all the 2,3, & 4 year olds, they will be my conformation. 

We sleep because we get sleepy.  Now you can sleep tonight with that heavy load taken off.  Please don’t brush me off too quickly.  Think about it.  What if we never got sleepy?  We could work all day, play all day, do whatever all day long and at the end of the evening our eyes were no heavier than when our day started, would we force sleep?  I believe sleep is a gift from God.  Our sinful, deteriorating bodies need sleep so God set warning signals in us to alert us when it is time to sleep.  Just like other gifts from God, science cannot fully explain His programming.  I know we sleep and need sleep because we get sleepy.  I cannot tell you all the benefits of a good night’s sleep nor all the harms with lack of sleep.  I can tell you that your Father in heaven loves you and cares for you.  And because He loves you, He has designed uncountable things for your benefit.  Most of these things are beyond our full understanding, like sleep.  A few He has revealed with great depth, like His Son.  I also know He watches over you when you sleep.  So tonight when you feel the alarm indicating sleep is approaching, thank God, get in bed, and worship Him knowing you are doing exactly what He designed for you.