A Haircut to Remember

Submitted by Chris Conly on Sun, 10/20/2019 - 14:40

I saw a new weed in my yard.  Last Sunday I was on the back patio trimming my hair before church and I noticed a new weed growing in the yard.  It definitely was not grass.  It was taller that the blades around it and it looked a little rough.  Not rough like it might hurt to step on barefooted, but rough.  I do not claim to have a weed free yard, not even close.  Weeds are the majority in our yard, so seeing a weed is not surprising.  However, seeing a new weed is interesting.  Where did it come from?  Weeds might not be the lawn element we desire, but they have to come from a source, a seed.  How did that seed get there?  Has it been there waiting for the right time to sprout up?  Did conditions finally meet its proper need?  This weed had captured my attention and brought to mind many Biblical analogies.  I’m sure the experience being on a Sunday morning helped in that regard.

I was reminded of the parable Jesus told about a man who sowed good seed in his field and while he slept the enemy came and sowed bad seed among the good seed.  As I recalled the rest of the parable I dismissed it as not the right fit for my newfound weed.  (You can find the parable in Matt 13)  This weed was not put there under false pretense or in cover of night.  It was not planted to cause harm to the good seed or to my prosperity.  Then I began to look around at all the other weeds.  I noticed the even cut of the lawn and the color of the weeds and grass together.  The weed that first caught my attention was about 4 feet away.  When I moved my focus to other weeds and the yard as a whole, the greater distance diminished the differences between weeds and grass.  Then the proper analogy came to me.

For weeks we have been studying about false prophets, the spirit of antichrist, and the craftiness these weeds use to grow among us.  They blend in, have a similar appearance, speak familiar words, and can even quote scripture.  When properly trimmed they cannot be discerned from a distance or an untrained heart.  If left alone, they will slowly take over.  They will methodically uproot or convert all grass that once sprang forth from good seed.  I was looking at a yard where not enough attention was being placed on the good seed.  Then a lesson from the parable came to mind.  As soon as the good and bad seed had sprouted from their seeds and appeared from the ground, the workers saw the invasion and wanted to defend the wheat.  Those that knew exactly what the good seed would produce noticed the imposters.  They were familiar with the good seed and its produce.  They had spent time in the field and had dirtied their hands.  They were a part of the field and it hurt them to see the enemy mixed with those they cared for.  Isn’t it marvelous what God can teach us during a haircut?