The Rising Generation

Submitted by Chris Conly on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 09:41

When each generation has crested the peak of life and has begun the descent to life’s end, they believe that the following generation is in worse shape.  I believe this to be true for all people regardless of race, gender, economic status, citizenship, or religion.  All adults, when they hit those later years, believe youth face more challenges than they did.  I could quote many Bible verses that give reasons for this belief, but that would only explain the understanding of those  that believe the Bible .  Here is one universal concern, population increase.  Population increase always presents new challenges.  With more people there comes a need for more food, more housing, more jobs and more everything.  This constant need to increase also comes with some nontangible mores, more worry, more stress, more insecurity.  The flip side to the worry of more is the reality of less.  More people needing more means less of the things that cannot increase like land and other natural resources.

Although all people groups agree that population growth brings new challenges, all do not believe this is harmful.  More people can also mean more benefits.  If I was trapped under a tree, I would want more people trying to lift it off of me.  More people bring more needs which means more workers are needed to fill those needs.  More people give us more minds solving more problems.  God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiple and that command still stands.  Now, if some people believe population growth is good and some believe it is bad, why are both groups concerned about the rising generation? 

Look at this example of God’s wisdom and goodness.  Moms and Dads both want good things for their children, but this doesn’t always look the same.  Let’s say junior wants to go for a bike ride.  Mom demands junior wear every piece of protective gear ever made, tells him to ride slowly and stay away from hills, while dad is airing up the tires, lubing the chain, building a ramp and thinking about how a motor can be installed to achieve maximum speed and airborne distance.  Opposite approaches and thoughts do not mean one loves and the other does not.  God has created each person uniquely.  We are all different in our own way.  But He also gave us similarities that link us into certain groups.  Then there is one thing He has given that brings us all together as one, Himself.  God has given Himself to the world and this eternal act of love affects everyone.  The longer we live the more we are affected.  Love changes our thoughts and our thoughts make us who we are.  We change along with our thoughts.  As we grow older our thoughts tend to shift away from ourselves and toward others.  It is love that creates concern for the generation to come.  No one can escape God’s love.  Unfortunately, we can resist it.  Those that do resist allow fear and doom to create concern.  Those of us that receive God’s love are not concerned about diminishing resources.  Our concern is that of Christ, “When the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8)