A Broken Phone

Submitted by Chris Conly on Tue, 11/05/2019 - 08:37

It is time to replace my cell phone.  A few days ago my phone slid off the kitchen counter and was broken.  Obviously the upper left corner hit the floor first.  That corner looks like the center of a spider’s web with a few threads extending out across the screen.  The damage did not make the phone unusable, but something has changed. I can still answer Phyllis’s calls and text Olivia, but there is no hiding its brokenness.  My phone is no stranger to hard falls.  I jog with my phone and have tripped and fallen at least twice maybe three times with this phone.  I also dropped it one time while trying to juggle too many things.  The drop produced a crack and the falls left scrapes and blemishes, but no spider webs or reduced functionality. 

I have a protective cover but only use it when I run.  If the cover had been on the phone when it slid off the counter, I am confident it would have protected my phone.  I love the cover when I run.  It goes on easily and is soft to the touch.  It gives me a more secure grip and has done its job when I have fallen.  I don’t use it all the time because it makes the phone harder to slide in and out of my pocket.  It takes away convenience.  I have thought about buying another cover that fits more securely and is made out of harder material.  I know covers are designed specifically to protect against falls and drops, yet I choose not to buy one.  It’s not like I don’t like my phone and secretly wanted to break it just so I have an excuse to purchase another.  I like this phone.  It is the right size and does everything I need from a phone.  Why didn’t I buy a different cover or use the one I have? 

I, too, am broken.  Like my phone, I am cracked and scared.  I am still operational, but flawed.  I make decisions that are not in proper alignment with anything. The other day my phone shut down for no reason.  It just stopped.  I did get it going again, after removing and reinserting the battery.  I could buy a new screen for my phone and it would look much better, but that would not change the internal damage.  The same goes for me.  My real damage is on the inside.  I have a sin nature hardwired from birth.  No matter how much time and effort I spend on my outside, if I do not protect my inside the damage will grow.  There are many things that can damage a phone, drops, spills, and viruses, but there is only one thing that damages me, sin.  Or you could call it lies.  Truth is what keeps me operating properly on the inside.  Truth strengthens me and protects me.  The more I keep myself covered with Truth the better I am protected.  When I choose to set truth aside, I am unprotected from lies in a world full of falls, spills, and viruses.